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  • Hand Strapping hand-strapping

    Hand applied polypropylene strapping is ideal for bundling products, magazines/newspapers and packages together, or securing individual cardboard boxes. Polypropylene strapping offers excellent performance and reliability. Polypropylene strapping is a great choice for most applications as it is light, flexible and does not rust or stain the strapped item(s) or packaging. Designed for light to medium duty use. Ideal for semi-automatic machines, or hand use with a dispenser.

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  • Machine Strapping

    Coming soon.

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  • Strapping Seals strapping seals

    Steel strapping seals and buckles are essential accessories for securing steel hand strapping. Snap on strapping seals are designed for use with steel strapping and are a semi open seal. Seal them securely using a strapping sealer or combination tool. Overlap strapping seals are also designed for use with steel strapping and are a closed strapping seal.

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